Caren Fitzpatrick for Freeholder

Actualizado: 16 de ene de 2020

I've learned that listening more than speaking is key to good governance.

After two years as Freeholder at Large, representing ALL residents of Atlantic County, I've found the most rewarding times are those I can respond to a resident's issue or problem, and help them navigate the government system to achieve the outcome that's most beneficial to them.

I hope to continue on this path for another term as Freeholder-being available, helpful, and at the same time, using the skills I've developed over the last 25 years to know a "good spend" when I see one. I believe we should look at all opportunities as they come up for renewal, to make sure the benefit to our residents is still there, even in changing times.

Please join me on this journey to keep all residents' needs at the forefront of decision-making in Atlantic County.

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